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an inclusive cartoon tv series

Leo’s World is the award-winning Italian cartoon TV series that is primarily aimed at children with autism spectrum disorder and at the same time is suitable for all pre-school children.
An inclusive TV series. An artistic production specifically designed to actively and directly communicate with those who have difficulty concentrating and learning, to break down the barriers of an increasingly widespread disability. Be sure not to miss the new episodes.

Growing up with Leo, Lola and Babu: a journey through cartoons to support autistic children.

Cartoons have always been a fantastic attraction for children and are especially so for children on the autistic spectrum and are also a valuable aid for them.
Indeed, cartoons are a valuable means of overcoming communication barriers.

Our stories, starring Leo, Lola and Babu, narrate everyday actions with joy and imagination, showing how important it is to wash oneself in the morning, eat vegetables, overcome one’s fears, face unexpected events or be nice to friends. The aim is to convey the importance of these behaviours not as obligations, but as part of a broader fun, offering an engaging experience that goes beyond the everyday.

Following the success of the first ten episodes of the first season, which were awarded with the Pulcinella Award at Cartoons On The Bay 2023 for their acceptance in the pre-school segment, the series has expanded its repertoire with 12 new episodes. Once again, the plot deals with the challenges and obstacles of an autistic child, transporting him into a fantasy world parallel to reality to teach him how to overcome them.

The Characters

Leo’s family consists of daddy Guido, mummy Margherita and little sister Giogiò. Leo’s best friend is Giulia, a lively and messy little girl. But Leo’s friends are many: Tommy, Anita, Francesca, Matteo the big and Matteo the small.

22 Episodes of 12′




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